Culture activities

What’s your aGender?

Work together to understand how speed plays a role in gender bias.

Ideal for:

  • Leaders and decision makers
  • Team days and workshops
  • Established teams

Walk align

Roll the dice of life and visually show the organizational and societal impact of bias and discrimination.

Ideal for:

  • Large groups
  • Outdoor venues
  • Building inclusive teams

Challenge accepted

Take understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity to the next level with this active treasure hunt style game.

Ideal for:

  • Improving workplace inclusion
  • Employee engagement groups
  • Breaking up a longer meetings or workshops


Improve confidence and public speaking skills while pitching your diversity superpower.

Ideal for:

  • Building understanding of the nature and value of diversity
  • Teams of any size
  • Creating common ground in diverse teams

Corporate ladders

Fun yet confronting, dive straight to the heart of equity vs equality with this take on the traditional Snakes and Ladders board game.

Ideal for:

  • Creating a shared memorable experience
  • Building understanding of inequality
  • Meetings or workshops where diversity and inclusion is a focus

Right between the lines

Encourage teams to explore the nature of inclusion, and expand their understanding of what they can control, in order to influence positive change in their organization.

Ideal for:

  • Groups of any size
  • Building a practical understanding of inclusive language
  • Team building events and workshops

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