Walk align

Team Size25-49, 50+

Delivery MethodIn person

Time Limit16-30mins

Team TypeExisting, Leadership

Roll the dice of life and visually show the impact of bias with this simple yet powerful activity

Advanced facilitators only – this activity covers themes that may be upsetting for some people. See FAQ below for more detail.

Participants form a line and take steps forward in response to proven discriminatory facts that impact career progression, salary and wellbeing at work.

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Ideal for:

  • Large and diverse groups who work together
  • Organizations with a cultural change agenda who are looking to improve inclusion
  • Creating an emotive experience that will leave a lasting impression
  • Identifying systemic biases (only where there is a commitment to then doing something about it)

What’s included

Facilitator guide

  • Preparation checklist
  • Activity instructions
  • Target outcomes
  • Advanced facilitator options
  • Optional steps

Facilitator resources

  • Bank of statements
  • Link to access virtual dice

Participant guide

  • Equity overview and key messages
  • Reflection questions
  • Link to access virtual dice


What does ‘advanced facilitators only’ mean?

This activity is likely to be confronting for some individuals and upsetting for others. It is possible that teams without high levels of openness and emotional maturity may act inappropriately. While highly impactful, we do not recommend that this activity is run by first time facilitators or those who aren’t confident in their ability to manage a room and lead difficult conversations. Think about your audience and consider if this will be the right fit.

Does this activity have to be done in person?

As a facilitator and participant, reading body language is an important part of this activity, which we believe is too difficult to do in online settings.

How do I know if my team is mature enough for this activity?

Generally speaking, middle and senior leadership teams or professionals in most organisations should see a lot of value from this exercise. Questions to ask yourself; How do individuals in this team respond to negative feedback? How open are team members to giving and receiving feedback? Do any team members have a tendency to act unprofessionally e.g. display anger, act dismissively or condescendingly, or not engage when others are speaking?

Where is best to run this activity?

The activity requires plenty of space, enough for all participants to form a single line. We recommend running this activity outdoors where possible.

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