The social footwork

Team Size25-49, 50+

Delivery MethodIn person

Time Limit31-60mins

Team TypeExisting, New

Learn to network like a pro – authentically and with impact

Take the awkwardness out of meeting new people with this informative networking activity designed to help individuals find their personal networking style.

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Ideal for:

  • Breaking the ice for large groups or where people are meeting for the first time
  • Teams actively involved in stakeholder engagement and business development
  • New or emerging leaders looking to build confidence in networking

What’s included

Facilitator guide

  • Preparation checklist
  • Activity instructions
  • FAQs
  • Advanced facilitator options
  • Team reflection questions
  • Networking styles overview

Participant guide

  • Summary instructions
  • Networking styles overview

Participant resources

  • Incredible items catalogue
  • Networking scorecard


I’m not an experienced facilitator, can I still use this activity?

Yes! That said, this activity does have a few steps so we recommend doing a practice round first or spending some extra time on prepping to make sure you are familiar with the content.

My group is on the larger size, can I still run it effectively? 

Yes, definitely! Just be mindful that the activity may take a little longer depending on how many players you have. For very large groups we recommend making sure you have lots of space to move around and good sound systems so you can give directions easily.

Our team doesn’t do any networking as part of their roles, is this activity still relevant?

Yes! Networking skills are highly transferable to many other roles that require human interaction. This activity is a great fit for any teams that engage with internal or external stakeholders, leaders who need to influence change and anyone in a sales or business development role.


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