Team building bundle – Wrap ups

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Increase the impact of your team building meetings with thought provoking wrap up activities.

An essential part of understanding is reflecting on what you have just learnt to consolidate key takeaways. Boost your facilitation toolkit and improve your impact with these team building wrap up activities.

A$2 from every purchase goes to an impactful charity of your choice through i=Change.

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Ideal for:

  • Wrapping up team days, strategy meetings, workshops and training
  • Teams and facilitators with a continuous improvement mindset
  • Strategically changing energy levels and mood after difficult agenda topics
  • Individuals who regularly facilitate medium to large groups meetings

What’s included

Facilitator guide

  • Preparation checklist
  • Facilitator tips
  • Team reflection questions
  • Facilitator reflection questions

Wrap up activities

  • Learning chart – process for validating learning outcomes
  • Exit cards – way of focusing follow up to single ideas
  • Sentence starters – structure for creating accountability and checking for understanding
  • Team impact statement – align on common goals with powerful statements
  • Thumbs up thumbs down – simple game to test knowledge

Activity resources

  • Activity and poster templates
  • Editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation


Can these activities be used for regular team meetings?

Yes! For regular team meetings we recommend using one activity up to four times in a row to build a routine of reflection. After 4 or so meetings move on to the next activity to keep up engagement and interest.

What is the purpose of ‘wrap ups’

Wrap ups are a powerful tool to build alignment, validate key messages and re-focus a group. They are particularly useful for sessions where there are learning outcomes, big decisions being made or issues being worked through. Our wrap up activities are designed to encourage follow up and improvement, giving clear direction for next steps.

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