Ice breaker bundle – Wellbeing

Team SizeAll

Delivery MethodIn person, Online

Time Limit< 15mins

Team TypeAll

Unique activities designed to leave your teams feeling energized, thankful and inspired.

Explore different tools and techniques to enhance mental health and wellbeing through gamified activities that can be repeated again and again.

A$2 from every purchase goes to an impactful charity of your choice through i=Change.

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Ideal for:

  • Starting regular team meetings with a wellbeing focus
  • Organizations who are prioritizing mental health and wellbeing
  • Individuals who regularly facilitate across multiple groups
  • Changing the pace and engaging small to medium groups during all day workshops

What’s included

Facilitator guide

  • Preparation checklist
  • Advanced facilitator options
  • Facilitation tips

Wellbeing themed activities

  • The ‘best rest’ test – fun memory game testing participant’s recall of an ever growing sentence
  • Minute to act it – speed wellbeing themed charades activity
  • Centered sentences – gratitude statements to self reflect and inspire others
  • Breathers bingo – get to know each other through a wellbeing lens
  • ‘B’ Well – letter game to share your favourite wellbeing activities

Activity resources

  • Editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation


Can these activities be used with larger groups e.g. 100+

All of these activities can be run with large groups.

Are any special resources required?

Depending on your event format, for in person and hybrid facilitation you may like to provide pens and paper or whiteboards and markers, otherwise access to a group chat can also work.

Can all activities be completed online?

These activities are well suited to online forums with group chat functions and shared workspaces.

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