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Time Limit16-30mins

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Advance public speaking skills and gain confidence in the strengths of individual diversity.

Fast paced and challenging, individuals learn techniques to improve their public speaking skills while reflecting on their own unique strengths and experiences through a diversity lens.

A$2 from every purchase goes to an impactful charity of your choice through i=Change.

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Ideal for:

  • Emerging and new leaders looking to improve their public speaking skills
  • Breaking the ice in new teams or groups
  • Team building days where innovation or problem solving is on the agenda
  • Broadening understanding of diversity

What’s included

Facilitator guide

  • Preparation checklist
  • Activity instructions
  • Guidance for in person, online and hybrid facilitation
  • FAQs
  • Bonus point options
  • Advanced facilitator options

Participant guide

  • Summary instructions
  • Team reflection questions
  • Diversity overview
  • Physical and non-physical diversity summary

Participant activity sheets

  • Public speaking tips
  • Example speech
  • Speech template


How does this activity work with large groups?

As groups are split into smaller teams this activity can easily be run with larger groups. Where you have over >50 participants we recommend prepping a co-facilitator.

Do I need any special materials or equipment for this activity?

Participants will require a way to prepare for their speech e.g. laptops or tablets, pens and paper.

Can I run this activity online?

Absolutely! Just make sure you have a way to share the materials with participants e.g. a shared folder, meeting chat, or other collaboration space. Also, organize a way for people to split into multiple groups e.g. have multiple meeting links ready for breakouts.

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