Corporate ladders

Team Size10-24, 25-49

Delivery MethodIn person, Online

Time Limit16-30mins

Team TypeAll

Fun yet confronting, dive straight to the heart of equity vs. equality with this take on the traditional snakes and ladders board game.

Advanced facilitators only – this activity covers themes that may be upsetting for some people. See FAQ below for more detail.

Playing according to realistic population demographics, individuals attempt to overcome bias as they race to the top of the “corporate ladder”.

A$2 from every purchase goes to an impactful charity of your choice through i=Change.

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Ideal for:

  • Opening team days or events where diversity, equity and/or equality is a topic
  • Starting meetings where decisions that may impact culture or policy are being made
  • Setting the scene for people focused leadership agendas
  • Building understanding of equity and disadvantage

What’s included

Facilitator guide

  • Preparation checklist
  • Activity instructions
  • Guidance for in person and online facilitation
  • FAQs
  • Advanced facilitator options
  • Team reflection questions

Persona card sheets

  • 10x persona playing cards reflecting US and UK population demographics
  • 2x persona card templates

Game board

  • 100 step game board
  • Game rules
  • Link to virtual dice
  • Scoreboard


What does ‘advanced facilitators only’ mean?

This activity is likely to be confronting for some individuals and upsetting for others. It is possible that teams without high levels of openness and emotional maturity may act inappropriately. While highly impactful, we do not recommend that this activity is run by first time facilitators or those who aren’t confident in their ability to manage a room and lead difficult conversations. Think about your audience and consider if this will be the right fit.

What do we need to play this game online?

You can play this game by sharing the playing board and persona cards electronically. We recommend using a shared digital workspace e.g. Microsoft Whiteboard where you can make it more fun by creating tokens for each player to move along the board.

Can we buy a physical playing board and cards?

Not yet! A life-size playing board is in the works. Subscribe to our mailing list below to be the first to know when it is available for purchase.

Do you do custom boards?

Yes! Get in contact if you would like more information about custom activities targeted towards your specific organizational requirements.

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