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What’s the difference between an ice breaker and a team building activity?

Ice breakers are generally run at the beginning of a meeting, team day, workshop, conference or training session. They are an opportunity to both get to know people better and to get participants into the right frame of mind for what’s coming next.

Team building activities can be run at any time and aim to build relationships, shared understanding and alignment to common goals.

What are the team types i.e. New, Existing and Leadership?

New – where participants don’t know each other or are just starting to work together. Activities in this categories are structured so that people can get to know each other better.

Existing – for when participants currently work together.

Leadership – where participants hold mid-senior leadership levels within an organization or are aiming to build their leadership skills through professional development. These activities generally have a learning focus and may cover some more advanced themes.

Are the activities downloadable or are they sent physically to my address?

All activities are downloadable directly after purchase. We encourage members and purchasers to minimize printing as part of our commitment to sustainability.

What exactly to I get with my activity purchase?

Once your payment has been processed you will receive access to download your facilitation resources as PDF documents. Each download package includes an ‘all pages’ option as well as splitting out the activities by audience e.g. Facilitator guide and Participant guides for seperate download.

Can I share the activity with others in my organization?

Your license to use our activities is limited. You may only share the activity information with others for the purpose of running team building and ice breaker activities that you are facilitating. If others want to use the same activity for their teams they must purchase it separately.

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